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We are one of the most followed Missing Person Organizations in the United States. Despite this, only 0.04% of the US population currently follows our organization, reaching approximately 12% of the population every year. With approximately 600,000 individuals reported missing annually, there are countless people who remain unaware of missing persons cases that could be resolved with their help. This portal aims to bridge that gap by reaching those who may otherwise never encounter such information. Your donation will enable us to display the faces of missing loved ones to individuals who might otherwise never have known about their disappearance, potentially leading to vital information and resolutions.

Welcome to our portal dedicated to assisting missing individuals. We ensure that 100% of the funds are directed towards this cause, with only minor deductions for credit card processing and administrative purposes.

When donating, you have the option to earmark funds for a specific missing person. Any remaining funds after the individual is found will be utilized to support other missing individuals or related initiatives.

Upon request, we can provide a receipt showing how your funds were used.

How Funds are Utilized:

When we receive a message about a missing person and funds are available, they will be allocated to support efforts to locate them. This may include advertising and promoting missing person flyers in relevant areas. Additionally, if volunteers are available, they will be assigned to assist the family in their search efforts.

If funds are sufficient, they will be used to distribute flyers for the missing person, primarily across social media. Once the individual is found, any remaining funds will be redirected to assist other missing families who reach out to us.

If you are a family member or friend of a missing person and wish to allocate funds to their search, please earmark your donation accordingly or contact us directly via message on our Facebook page.

Please note that the missing person must have legal missing status. If your donation is for an individual who is not legally missing, the funds will be allocated to legally missing persons.

Supporting Our Cause:

We also offer another donation portal dedicated to supporting the operational expenses of Missing People in Americas. You can access this portal by clicking the yellow button at the top.

Thank you for your support in helping reunite missing individuals with their loved ones

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