Current Missing People in America Leaderboard.

Position Name Points
1 Missing People In America 2,783
2 Tessa 2,453
3 CourtneyRivera 2,034
4 KellySigns 563
5 Startinover 66
6 sassyvettez 42
7 Nacho2024 36
8 Matthew30 32
9 Kristi Burton 29
10 achurst25 20

Established in 2018, our mission is to locate missing individuals and raise awareness about their cases. Through increased awareness, we aim to reduce annual missing persons incidents. Our unique interactive missing person database leverages cutting-edge technology to generate professional flyers instantly, directly linked to our database. As one of the most followed Missing Person Organizations in America on social media, we reach millions, gathering crucial tips that help reunite missing individuals with their families. Our media-friendly flyers are freely accessible, designed specifically to aid in the safe return of the missing. Each database entry includes a downloadable high-resolution flyer. Join our community today. Register

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