Jared McColloch Situation Room 

Welcome to the Command Center dedicated to the search for Missing 33-year-old Jared McColloch. Here, you can stay updated, communicate with others, and mark locations on the map for flyers, search efforts, sightings, and any pertinent information related to the case. Join the collective effort to bring Jared home.

Interactive Map

NameWhat to fill out
Marker TitleWhat was done, quick title aka Flyer at Mcdonalds. Park searched…
Marker Address or GPS LocationThis auto fills with the location you click on the map
Marker DescriptionLet us know what’s at that location. Flyer at Front end, flyer on pole. Searched park, Possibly saw missing person in car.(Report all sightings to the police first)
Marker CategoryFlyer (placed a flyer), Possible Sighting (place you may have seen), Searched (area searched) If you select All, just put this as a point of interest and state why in the description. AKA possibly in this town.
Your Location
Area Searched
Flyer Location
Important Location
Possible Sighting
Generic Icon (No Category Selected)

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