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Missing: April Reid, 39
Missing from: Lenoir, North Carolina
Last seen: Feb/27/2021
Status: Missing
Created: April 4, 2024 10:34 pm
Updated: April 5, 2024 6:03 am

Case Report

This case, she doesn't own a car, lived in Lenoir, NC, that's the city that's handling her case, and have 1k dollar reward for finding her. Well, she was last seen February 15th on Camera at an ATM. Roughly 15 miles between the 2 cities. Family files a missing report March 20, 2021, doesn't know the exact date they last talked to her, but said it was via phone some where around February 28th. I guess the police never requested the police records to give a date.

The healthcare worker reported visiting Reid's apartment and discovering it in a state of disorder, prompting her to take photographs due to its unusual condition.

Upon visiting the apartment, Reid's sister noted signs suggesting someone had been present and had rearranged items. While there were no signs of a violent altercation, Reid's personal belongings, such as her phone and favorite jacket, were left behind. Attempts by the police to trace her through her cellphone were unsuccessful as it was no longer in service.

She has 2 Facebooks, both inactive one 2021, other 2015,,

Investigators discovered indications that Reid had been in communication with an individual previously charged with severe felony offenses, including kidnapping and assault with intent to kill. The individual acknowledged knowing Reid and disclosed providing her with funds for travel. Additionally, he informed the authorities about disputes Reid had engaged in with another individual before her vanishing.

Reid subsisted on disability payments at the time of her disappearance. Notably, there has been no activity in her bank account since her last sighting, and her food stamp card, which still holds a balance, has not been utilized since her time in Hickory on February 25th.


She does walk with a limp and cannot walk without the aid of a cane. Now there was a weird sighting in Wadesboro, North Carolina, August 22, 2021, which is 104 miles away from where she was last seen. A women in her underwear was walking with a cane that looked like April. They ended up finding a body near that location, which they couldn't ID because of it decomposing.







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