Missing Person

Missing: Colleen Pool, 49
Missing from: Homosassa, Florida
Last seen: Feb/08/2024
Status: Missing
Created: April 3, 2024 4:01 pm
Updated: April 3, 2024 4:42 pm

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Case Report

Originally posted by Citrus County Sheriff on February 21st. It was reported that she was last seen February 9th in Florida which can be seen on the map. Her car was then scanned going north on February 11th near the boarder with Georgia going north. There was not sightings or new updates until Easter weekend when her car was found North West of Savanna, it was located in a hunting area off of US 25 GA 67 on a road called Big Pine Road. If you live in this area, it would be good to check cameras for possible sightings of this car. At the same time, you should print and place these flyers in this area, marking the map when you do so. There was reports that she could have been traveling to Illinois when she first went missing, but nothing has come of that. Besides this information provided, there isn't any other information available, unsure of the date the missing report was filed or living situations in Florida for Colleen. The family has been very active on Social media trying to bring attention to this case.

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