Missing Person

Missing: Paul Rodriguez, Jr., 43
Missing from: Juneau, Alaska
Last seen: Jul/10/2023
Status: Missing
Created: March 31, 2024 9:35 pm
Updated: April 2, 2024 1:59 am

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Case Report

Incident Details: Paul Rodriguez Jr., aged 43, was reported missing five days after his kayak was found abandoned on Mendenhall Lake near Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska. Alaska State Troopers and local Juneau police launched an extensive search effort, utilizing helicopters and specially trained sea dogs.

A passing "good Samaritan" discovered Rodriguez's camera-fitted helmet on the lakeshore. The helmet contained footage revealing that Rodriguez had drowned on July 11 when his kayak overturned, and he entered the glacial water. The recording showed that the kayak overturned due to a strong current originating from the glacier. It was noted that Rodriguez was not wearing a life jacket or appropriate protective clothing for glacial water sports.

Identification and Notification: Rodriguez's family was notified of his death based on the footage recovered from the helmet. Although his body has not yet been recovered, search teams are continuing efforts to locate and retrieve it from the lake.

Background Information: Paul Rodriguez Jr. was an avid adventurer who frequently shared photos and videos of his outdoor activities on social media. He was known for documenting his experiences, including kayaking, fishing, paddleboarding, and snowboarding. His final Facebook post featured a kayak with the caption "Headed up to the glacier!"

Our Maps show the location of the lake where he disappeared.

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