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Missing: Tyler Goodrich, 36
Missing from: Lincoln, Nebraska
Last seen: Nov/03/2023
Status: Missing
Created: April 5, 2024 3:33 pm
Updated: May 21, 2024 1:51 pm

Case Report

Case Overview: Tyler Goodrich, a 35-year-old veteran and father of two, went missing from his home in Lincoln, Nebraska, on November 3, 2023. Despite extensive search efforts and investigations by law enforcement agencies, including the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office, Tyler's whereabouts remain unknown.

History of the Case: Tyler was reported missing by his husband, Marshall Vogel, on the morning of November 4, 2023, after he failed to return home the previous night. The last known contact with Tyler was during an argument with Marshall, which led to Tyler leaving their residence. Surveillance footage captured Tyler leaving the house, but his destination and subsequent movements remain unknown.

Investigations and Efforts:

  • The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office, with assistance from other law enforcement agencies and volunteers, conducted extensive search efforts, including aerial surveillance, ground searches, and analysis of digital footprints.
  • Interviews were conducted with family members, friends, and acquaintances to gather information and verify Tyler's movements before his disappearance.
  • Marshall Vogel, Tyler's husband, cooperated with law enforcement and passed a polygraph test, indicating no deception regarding Tyler's disappearance.
  • Public appeals for information were made through social media platforms, news outlets, and community events to gather any leads or tips regarding Tyler's whereabouts.

Assessment and Plan: Despite diligent search efforts and investigations, Tyler Goodrich remains missing, with no significant leads or evidence regarding his disappearance. The case continues to be actively pursued by law enforcement, with the hope of locating Tyler and bringing closure to his family and loved ones.

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