16-Year-Old Reportedly Taken From Home by Adult Immigrant

In the ongoing search for Aubrey Pollinger and Patricio “Patrick” Bautista, new information suggests that Aubrey may be in the company of Patricio. This revelation adds another layer of urgency to an already distressing situation.

Official Flyer for Missing Aubrey Pollinger

Aubrey Pollinger, a 16-year-old from Northbridge, Massachusetts, remains missing, and concerns for her safety grow with each passing day. Described as 5’3” with a slender build, Aubrey possesses distinctive features, including blue/green eyes, brown hair, and facial piercings—a septum and nostril nose piercing. Her last known sighting was at Cumberland Farms in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, where she was seen entering a dark grey Toyota Rav 4. Regrettably, the vehicle’s license plate numbers are not available, complicating efforts to locate her.

What compounds the gravity of this situation is the suspicion that Aubrey may be with Patricio “Patrick” Bautista, a 23-year-old originally from chile, with a home of record in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Standing at 5’1” and weighing approximately 140lbs, Patrick has distinctive features, including brown hair, brown eyes, and a notable piercing on the bridge of his nose. The existence of an active restraining order against Patrick underscores the concern for Aubrey’s safety.

In response to their disappearance, a concerted effort has been made to spread awareness and gather information. Appeals for assistance have flooded social media platforms, with friends, family, and concerned individuals sharing their photos and details in the hope of generating leads. Authorities have issued calls to check Ring camera footage, and communities in specific areas have been asked to provide any relevant information.

The search for Aubrey and Patrick extends beyond state lines, with pleas for assistance reaching communities as far as Miami, Florida. The Northbridge Police Department continues to serve as the central point of contact for any information regarding their whereabouts, urging concerned individuals to come forward with any pertinent information.

Patricio Bautista (provided by the family of the missing)

As the investigation progresses, the focus remains on locating Aubrey and ensuring her safe return. The belief that she may be in the company of Patricio adds a heightened sense of urgency to the search efforts. Aubrey’s family and loved ones cling to hope, praying for her safe return, and urging anyone with information to come forward. In the face of uncertainty, their resolve to find Aubrey remains steadfast, as they hold onto the belief that she will be reunited with her family once again.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Northbridge Police department at (508) 234-6211.

Please share her flyer, here’s a link to her flyer on Facebook. This flyer is also printable, please distribute it. https://www.facebook.com/MissingPeopleInAmerica/posts/pfbid0j21LaVmqicEpFeEsu4hMQUbqsn6iEFZttKmmA66MsvLujyMjE9VdbmntCM41fSUcl

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