24-Year-Old Cold Case Ends with Deathbed Confession Unveiling Grim Truth

A harrowing 24-year-old cold case saw a startling turn of events recently in southern West Virginia. Susan Carter and her daughter, Natasha “Alex” Carter, disappeared without a trace on August 8, 2000. However, a recent confession by a suspect, Larry Webb, in failing health, led authorities to unearth what they believe are the remains of the long-missing duo, buried in the backyard of Webb’s residence.

The revelation came after Webb, in his 80s, experienced a medical episode at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex, where he was incarcerated without bond after being apprehended earlier in connection to Alex Carter’s death. Tragically, Webb passed away at a hospital just six hours before the discovery of the remains.

The emotional toll of the discovery was palpable during a news conference at the state police headquarters in South Charleston. Rick Lafferty, Alex Carter’s father, expressed a mix of sorrow and relief, stating, “It’s kind of a sad day, but also a happy day because I can bring my baby home.”
The sequence of events leading to the discovery unfolded after Webb’s confession earlier in the month. FBI Supervisory Special Agent Tony Rausa revealed that a bullet, extracted from Webb’s bedroom wall during a previous search, contained DNA matching Alex Carter’s blood. Webb’s confession detailed a chilling account of events, stating that he shot Susan Carter during an argument over missing money and subsequently believed he had to eliminate Alex Carter to avoid detection.

Webb’s methodical concealment of the bodies, wrapping them in bed linens and burying them in a shallow grave on his property, was revealed through his confession. Investigators, aided by a local landscaper and his crew, meticulously combed through Webb’s backyard, finally uncovering the remains after three days of digging.

The grim details of the crime, coupled with Webb’s declining health and memory loss due to dementia, painted a haunting picture of the tragedy that befell Susan and Alex Carter over two decades ago. Despite Webb’s initial denials and claims of memory loss during previous searches, his recent confession and subsequent death shed light on a case that had haunted the community for years.
The closure brought by the discovery of the remains offers a semblance of peace to the families involved, albeit tinged with the pain of unresolved questions and the passage of time. The FBI’s renewed efforts in 2021 and subsequent search warrants executed in 2022 and 2023 underscore the perseverance of law enforcement in seeking justice, even in cases spanning decades.
As the investigation into the Carter’s disappearance comes to a close, the haunting legacy of their tragic fate serves as a reminder of the enduring pursuit of truth and justice in the face of unspeakable tragedy.

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