Missing Military and Veterans

Thought I’d give an update on what we’re working on at Missing People in America. We’ve started a new project called Missing Military and Veterans, it’s something we’ve talked about for some time. It’s going to be a resource page on our website for missing military and veterans. When visiting the web page, it’ll show a total number of MMV (Missing Military and Veterans) known to MPIA. There will be a database of just MMV with important details that will be sharable. We hope this will help bring awareness for the amount of MMV in the United States, helping to bring them home. Along with this database, it’ll include various resources and documents that will be developed overtime. Date Last Seen, a veteran run page, has joined in with helping with this project. If you’d like to volunteer with MPIA and or assist in anyway, let us know. Currently, as far as I know, this is the only missing person page in the United States that is capable of creating any kind of computer software. Thank you for following MPIA and helping to find the missing.

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