Missing Support

Thank You for Reaching out to Missing People in America, we’re here to help you. Below is a list of ways we can help you; you can also visit the Have Someone Missing Tab above.

  1. Create you a professional Missing Person Flyer, if you messaged our page, we’re more than likely already confirming the missing report and preparing a flyer.
  2. Ensure you’ve already taken the necessary steps in the process in helping to find your missing loved one. Click Here to Enter the Short Questionnaire
  3. Write a professional Missing Person web article on them, if you’d like this done, you can request that we do this, please provide as much details as possible when making this request. Message us directly to make this request.
  4. Advertise their missing across social media. A method used for years that works. If you’d like this done, you can click here and please also message us to let us know you want this done.

One of the most powerful tools in finding someone is the community, empowering the community to help search for your loved one. With the community, they’ll get crucial tips to law enforcement to help them return home safely.

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