Practice of “Pass it on” to help the missing

What a world we live in. Life used to be so simple. Now we’re living in a world where technology is growing smarter than us and watching our every move. Yet, people are still going missing. Kids are still being manipulated and taken by adults. And the missing are getting ignored, judged based on looks, age, race, and sex. Meanwhile, a funny meme gets millions of views, while our children are still missing.

The Art of Passing It On. Anytime you see a missing person post, hit like. You’re making it so the next person sees it. Sharing it with groups and in the areas they’re missing from helps widen the reach, opening the case to new groups of people. With AI and social media, it works on a rating system. If you ignore a post, you’re less likely to see it again. That post also gets downgraded, marked as boring. That missing child could literally just be one click away. By keeping the chain going, we’re building an environment where the missing are found safe.

Our flyers: everyone is free to take them and use them, share them with the news, and add them to your videos and groups. But when taking the flyer as your own, you also take on the responsibility of getting it updated and ensuring the security of the flyer. Every day, we run our software, checking every single source for the missing. Soon, we’ll be expanding it even further, making it check multiple sources. This way, we keep our database updated. Now, when our software gets a hit, we still have to check it. Sometimes, the media, police, or government databases aren’t updated. We have dedicated volunteers, especially one who, if she chooses, is free to let everyone know who she is, checks for updates daily and manages many of the comments. As for security, we have our settings configured to keep a lot of our followers safe from the harmful scammers that flood social media. As you’ll notice, our page just doesn’t have them, despite having 191k followers.

So Again, Practice the Art of “Pass it on” Save a Missing Person.

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