Scammers Targeting the Vulnerable

Months ago, we were alerted of a fraudulent page, claiming to be Missing People in America, they shared to hundreds of pages. We immediately started reporting them to Facebook, with no action taken. Our team took matters into our own hands. We were able to trace the scammer, finding his exact location in Nigeria.

Google Maps

With this quick work, the page was quickly removed by the scammer when we confronted, revealing his location. We then took matters into our own hands to protect the missing and our followers. Ensuring these scammers wouldn’t be unable to view or see any of our content. To our surprise, yesterday, again, we were alerted of another fraudulent page. Using our logo, cover and claiming to be us, making sickening posts. This scammer was unable to see our content, so they’ve resorted to using other pages posts, as seen below.

Again, we reported them, as you can as well. Be sure you make this report on the actual fake page and not ours. Below, you can see the proper process.

Facebook has become a hotbed of scammers attempting to steal from the vulnerable, from posting videos and links in every popular post, to messaging people trying to sell things and then this, fake accounts.

We’ve done almost everything in our power, with the tools provided to us on Facebook, to prevent this from happening. We have successfully removed all scam comments. With this content, I’ve been in communication with actual people that work for META, but they’ve claimed to not have the authority to remove pages, referring me to this system of removal shown above.

So, please, be safe, when sharing content on the web, ensure its authentic. For trusted content Please follow all our social media pages.







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