September Update

There’s been a lot of exciting changes happening at MPIA. If you’ve noticed, we’ve been using a new flyer the past few weeks. Previously, we’d just post the picture and the details. To anyone scrolling on social media, they could easily scroll past it, thinking it’s just a random picture. Having a flyer with a title is vital, such as “Missing”. We want to be able to convey the message of what type of missing case we’re dealing with, from the most serious Abduction-amber alerts to the less serious.

After the viewer realizes this is an important post, seeing the title. The picture is the next most important thing. Being able to visually identify that person.

A lot of flyers out there are guilty of shrinking the picture in exchange for details. After the picture, the 3rd and 4th most important thing are the name and location.

As most people may not be concerned with a missing person, knowing they’re from their area will help draw a connection, making them more willing to help find them. Because of this, we created an icon for every single state, which will appear in the bottom right corner. This icon will be the state, with the flag inside it. Along with that, you’ll see the exact location written in the middle of the text. Lastly, you’re left with the contact name and phone number, something that only becomes important when the viewer has identified that they have seen the person or have information related to the missing case. 

We’ll continue to create new types of flyers over the coming weeks, feel free to let us know what you think.

We want to thank your support and care for the missing and their families. Over the last month, you’ve helped these missing be seen by over 1 million people. With Facebook, it can be very hard to share our message, as Facebook is concerned with making money. And want pages to pay to be seen. Because of this, despite having 163k followers, they won’t show the post to all of our followers, or will push the post really far down on your feed. The more you interact with our page, the more likely you’ll see our post. The more the post gets shares and interactions, the more likely it’ll be seen on other viewers pages. With that, we’ve started to use other platforms along with Facebook. Jacob one of our younger volunteers, he’s been posting on X, formerly know as Twitter. We only have 18 followers. But those posts aren’t being hidden, and are being seen. The one big issue with Twitter, after the post is made, you can’t go back and edit it. We’ll be studying that issue further, but if you use Twitter, please go and follow our page.  

Lastly, as many of you know, we’ve been running Missing People in America for over 5 years. We don’t post go fund me on our Facebook page or ask for donations in every single missing post like some organizations, let alone at all. But we spend significant time running the page and pay for resources to help us run the organization. We can’t grow without financial support. So we’ve decided to merge our Ebay store with MPIA, something we’ve had longer then Missing People In America, but today despite having 163k followers, is the first time we’re announcing it to our followers. If you look in the top menu bar, you’ll see “store“. As you see, you’ll find various items. They’re from the major companies like Amazon, but a lot cheaper. With the holidays coming up, you’ll be able to save a lot of money and help a good cause. If you do happen to visit our store, a great tip, you’ll find a lot of our stuff being super cheap aka marked at $5 when it’s 20 or 15 on Amazon. All the other sellers offer free shipping, but it’s not free to them or you, they just add it into the final price and offer free shipping, fooling you. When you buy more then 1 thing from us, you’re still only paying 1 shipping cost. The weight of the products gets combined. Past the initial charge of shipping, adding weight of the product doesn’t drastically increase the price of shipping. Where you could be buying 3 things on Amazon for $60, you could be paying around $25 total for the same 3 items with us. So please, check us out, follow the store. When we get actual Missing People in America Merchandise in the store, we’ll make an actual post on the Facebook page making it fully public.

Again, thank you for your support!

-Missing People In America

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